Break Scenario: December Edition

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Highlight Clip

Eddie Shellz (New Jersey) at Timeless 2021 (Indianapolis)

On the Spot: Only the Hungriest Should Battle

Competition is a reality of our world. For example, if you think that woman is beautiful, you’re (likely) not the only one. Which means she has OPTIONS. In general, the human experience requires us to actively COMPETE for the things that we desire to live the life we want. And that’s not to say without civility or do so in a horrible or violent way. Another example, however, winning a battle means TAKING the championship away from the hands of ALL other dancers in that bracket. In other words, there are winners & losers. Further, regardless of the success or failure in any moment or facet of a person’s life, most of us also understand the importance for ALL of us to strive to be winners & cultivate the BEST version of ourselves. This helps guide us spiritually & elevate us as humanity.
I’ve constantly heard dancers say this at battles: “I’m just here to have fun”. I simply don’t believe in this. What is fun about getting BURNED? While I say this truthfully & not to be insulting, I believe this is an excuse to not accept one’s failures. If a dancer 1) cares deeply about breakin’ & 2) applies serious dedication, then why wouldn’t they take the competition seriously? And this is not the same as saying one should agonize emotionally when they lose. The saying – care mentally (your craft), not emotionally (your ego). If you don’t fit this criteria, however, then I believe battling is not appropriate.
IJHTHF is also unhelpful for breakin’ as a community. Imagine the spectator’s perspective. And breakers LOVE to talk readily about public perception & not being taken more professionally. Spectators attend the event to see competitors put on a show. To prove my point, which battle will people remember for days & weeks after? A battle between 2 high-level crews that look like they’re at session? Or a battle between 2 (relatively) lower-level crews that look like they’re about to tear their opponent’s head off? Most of us can think back to a battle that looks like the latter. And we remember what it FELT like witnessing it. THOSE battles are some of what we LIVE FOR from breakin’.

USA Rankings (2022)

1. Victor
2. Gravity
3. Jeffro
4. Ali
5. Morris

Elo Ranking System

Beginner’s Playlist

Parade Strut by JJ Johnson
McNasty Filth by Jaylib
Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy

Veteran Pro-tip

[Battle mentality:] Make a statement. Catch a moment – Hijack (Hawaii)
Taisuke vs Lilou: Redbull BC One Finals (2013)

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